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The Right Tools Needed For Lock Picking

The Right Tools Needed For Lock Picking


Similar to other trades, Locksmith too has its own tools to use. These tools may seem puzzling for the layman. Each of the tools is used for some special purpose. A good locksmith is skilled and deft and has a keen eye which makes it easy to pick on the tiny details and mechanisms of a lock.

The common task that is asked by customers from Riverdale Locksmith is lock picking as this is the most inexpensive style of opening a locked door.

Instead of letting a locksmith replace your lock, you always want him to open the lock first without prying the door. There are different tools that are used for this specific purpose. These are:

Plug Spinner: It is used to rotate, lift, and move the plug to bring it to its natural unlock state. A locksmith needs prior knowledge of the perfect positioning of the components of the lock.

Computerized Picks: It is used for more complicated lock types like combination systems. The instrument is made of steel and it is used for arranging up to six pins and discs.

Tension Wrench: It is used to apply and control the right amount of turning pressure required to access the sheer line. There are three types available: rigid, medium and light.

Key Extractor: This tool is used to remove broken keys and their parts, broken keys as well as other foreign material used as key parts.

Electric Pick Gun: Electric Pick gun is a kind of small drill that runs on electricity. It is easy to replace the pick as is with any other electric drill. A locksmith has different picks available with them in different small sizes.

These comprises of the basic gadgets that a locksmith uses for lock picking. Of course, tools are also available for other purposes like for repair or installation. These include deadbolt installation kits, key cutters and locksmith hammers.